How Cloud Computing Affects Online Gaming

How Cloud Computing Affects Online Gaming

Sometimes, you need the computing power and storage your own machines can’t provide. It is then that many turn to cloud computing, whether for business, pleasure, or simple file storage. Now, where does cloud computing become relevant to people who use the bet365 welcome bonus or enjoy online gaming? Let’s find out.

The Grey Area

Here is the thing: while online gaming allows people from all over the world to partake in their favorite source of entertainment, gambling is not welcomed or legal in many countries. This presents a logistical problem for casinos and betting sites, as well as their customers. However, what if these sites had the option of being hosted in a country where gambling is legal, or not heavily regulated? This presents companies with a bit of a grey area, legally speaking. If your company is founded in one country, but the servers are in another one, it is hard to determine whose jurisdiction you fall under.

Playing and Betting from Anywhere

With the information from each customer being on secure servers far away, customers need only to log in and all their info will be in one place. This means that you can bet or play games from anywhere in the world, provided you remember your credentials. Are you in a place that doesn’t allow visiting specific sites or betting in general? Well, some people, though we don’t recommend this, use VPN services to mask their location and point of accessing the web. Cloud computing makes it possible to bet and game from almost anywhere in the world.

Data Scope

Consider how much information needs to be processed by computers on a daily basis. The number of clients, deposits and withdrawals, software, promotional items and codes, refunds, different currencies, customer support, and so much more – this is something that the servers have to tackle and interpret constantly in order to improve the service the customers and clients are receiving. This data could not be processed by an average computer.

Furthermore, the scope of the service allows many of the processes to become automated, saving both time and money. Site owners can still interact with their client base should they choose to do so, but a bot solves the customers’ problems most of the time.

The Risks

It’s not all sunshine and roses. Cloud computing also has a few flaws that people can exploit. For example, data security in the cloud is nothing to write home about. In fact, the lack of security means that many online players are vulnerable to not just getting their accounts hacked, but their personal information stolen as well. Some players have been known to use the breach in security for their own benefit, like bettors who know the exact odds of an event and play the odds, instead of what the online bookmaker is offering. For those that are unfamiliar with betting the odds, it is pretty close to insider trading – you know something others don’t and it gives you an unfair advantage.