The Future of Robotics: How Will Robots Change the World?

Only three decades ago, robots were only part of sci-fi movies and our own imagination. And now, robots of different shapes and purposes are among us, and they are here to stay. With the rapid development of AI technology, science, and engineering, robots are now being made for different uses that can help us in our everyday lives. In this article, we’ll explore the future of robotics and how it will change reality as we know it. 

They Will Be Used For Repetitive Work

It’s very likely that in the future, robots will replace workers who perform monotonous and repetitive work. This includes different factory workers and even receptions. The robot called Pepper is already being used in different hospitals to greet visitors or to instruct them to the right floor. This robot is meant to replace receptionists at some point. It already speaks over 20 languages and it can recognize who it’s talking to.

They Will Assist Us With House Chores

When we think of a robotic house assistant we can’t help but think of Rosey, the robotic maid from the cartoon the Jetsons. All of our home devices are already “smart”, and people around the world are already purchasing vacuum cleaners that go around the house on their own. But in the future, we expect to see robots that will do all of our house chores instead of us, thus leaving us with more time to spend with family or to simply relax and unwind. 

Robots in Medicine

Robots are already present in healthcare institutions. Robots like Robear will most likely be used in the future to do the heavy lifting instead of nurses. For example, when a patient needs to be placed in another bed or in a wheelchair, we won’t need the assistance of a nurse but we will use robots like Robear. Moreover, robots will most likely be used for contactless communication and medicine applications, which are now a great hazard for all healthcare workers. It’s also expected that the rate of successful surgeries will rise in the future since it will be robots who perform the surgeries, especially those who require extreme precision. 

Robot Drivers

Many companies around the world are already working on cars that are self-driven. But there is a possibility that future companies might add a robot to these future vehicles, at least for aesthetics. However, the car itself would be one big robot that would take people to their destination. These vehicles are designed with the purpose of having fewer traffic jams and fewer accidents on the road. So, in the future, all you will need to do is get in your car and read an ebook, news or watch a show while it takes you to the right place.