How A.I. Shapes the Future of the Casino Industry

How A.I. Shapes the Future of the Casino Industry

A.I. is widely used today in almost any industry and household, especially for bolstering security measures. It comes as no surprise that casinos use voice recognition or fingerprint scan to access their safe, database, etc. However, this is not a revolutionary A.I. use, as different industries rely on it as well. The A.I. use that will have a direct impact on the revenue of the casino industry is the one that has to do with optimizing player experience.   

Currently, players get to enjoy playing with Casumo bonus code, or any other bonus code incentives offered by different casinos. Although methods are effective and bonus codes are almost used across the board, there are still ways to improve player experience. Here we will take a deeper dive into the topic, and explain how A.I. is used to improve Casino games.  

Skinner box and luck-based games

In the gaming industry, there is something called the Skinner box, which is basically a game element that makes the gaming experience feel rewarding. It is named after the scientist that conducted experiments on pigeons to see how rewards can incite desired behavior or habits. So many video games, especially ones on social networks, rely on Skinner box techniques to keep players playing and to even habituate that behavior, using daily log-in rewards, or other methods. 

However, with luck-based games, this is a bit different. Players don’t overcome in-game challenges that serve as an intrinsic reward system, nor are they reworded for progressing the game, as there is no progression system. So, how does the luck-based game reward its players? Easy, by letting them win. Even though the loss rate is way higher than the win rate, the game intentionally allows players to win. This mainly applies to slot machines, as it makes no sense for sports betting and lottery to fall under these rules, as there will always be winners and losers in these games.        

Implementing AI to improve player experience

A.I. can be used for monitoring player behavior and analyzing that data. For example, monitoring player behavior might help casinos find out that after losing 7 to 10 games in a row, players stopped playing the game, whereas players who won once or twice, ended up playing over 20 games.

So if a slots game is tweaked so that the chance for a win is almost guaranteed between game 7 and game 10, chances are the players who previously gave up will continue to play. Of course, something like this would be easy to notice, so players will just start counting when to expect a victory, so it is not an ideal solution. 

However, if a game increases the player’s chance to win after each consecutive loss, and if the player is aware of it, then you have an effective skinner box system. For example, every time a player loses its chance for winning is increased by 0,5%, and every time a player wins the counter resets and starts at 0 again. This way, the player will know that he won 0,5% with each failed attempt, which is a reward that reinforces his will to play. This is especially good for people who play online, as their accumulated chance is strictly connected to their account, not to a physical slot machine.