Best Web Servers for Online Betting

Best Web Servers for Online Betting

With the fast progress of the betting and gambling industries, many data centers and web hosting companies have specialized for this certain market. Betting has seen huge growth in the recent years, with more and more people hunting for bonuses such as the unibet sports welcome bonus. This is proof that this industry has a permanent place among other entertainment industries and will continue to operate with a lot of success.

Types of Servers

While technology under the hood is still the same, these types of servers differ from regular public servers in such ways:

  • Servers must output max performance due to large number of visitors these sites get
  • Security must be out of chart because of the mass capital these websites gather, distribute and accumulate.
  • Support quality has to be top notch as possible technical problems arise at random pace and complexity

For these reasons, most betting companies go for dedicated servers so that they can get the premium support, loading speed and power over the servers that they need for app development purposes. As a matter of fact, there are at least a few dedicated servers behind each of these popular sites that provide maximum flexibility, app staging and publishing.

The websites we talk about here use high-end tech to run and operate and they are constantly evolving. Thanks to many talented development teams around the world, it is not too hard to improve your existing platform.

“Server uptime” is the term used for how much the server operates successfully. With the best dedicated server providers, it ranges from 98% to 99.9%. At this point in time it is not realistic to expect 100% from any operator so in this case, they are not offering this kind of service. They always need just a tiny fraction of the time to either switch to another server or to upgrade their hardware and improve the stability of the system.

While you can get an unmanaged dedicated server that gives you total ownership and responsibility over the hardware, there is such a thing as a managed dedicated server. For many smaller companies, it is a better option because it allows them to use the hosting company support in case of any problem- be it hardware or software.

In case of a managed dedicated server, the client (company) chooses their operating system and software that will run on top. There is no shortage of choices, even if it’s on the Windows  or Linux platform. Also, Linux is the most dominant when it comes to web servers while Microsoft Windows has dominance in consumer market – also known as personal computer market.

Another important fact is that even more mobile internet users now overtake desktop internet users, which makes this market very interesting to betting companies. For this reason there is always a requirement of a mobile site. However, dedicated mobile sites are no longer in use. They are all hybrids now and they adapt to the size of the screen and scale up or down depending on the number of pixels the user has.