The Best Hardware Companies

The Best Hardware Companies

Getting the most from your machine at work or from home is essential to many of us. Imagine playing a game, running a complex video-processing program, compiling a book, designing a website, or playing games at Pokerstars casino, only to have it all crash at the most inopportune moment. It’s not just software that needs to be in tip top shape, it’s the hardware as well. If you know any computer geeks, it is likely you’ve heard them comparing hardware and software from various companies. Join us as we explore the best hardware companies the world has to offer.

Apple Inc.

Though there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Apple since they started removing features in order to sell them separately (specifically, the ear-jack incident), Apple is well ahead of the game. It started back in the seventies with Macintosh computers, but it’s most popular products now are iPhones and Apple smartwatches. Apple has a huge fan base and is known for its slogan: “Does more. Costs less. It’s that simple.” It is very likely they will stay in business in decades to come.


Dell has been an established brand since its start in the 80s. People all over the world purchase their products. They make excellent desktop and notebook machines, and gamers know their subsidiary Alienware, whose focus mainly lies in manufacturing hardware that is optimal for gaming. So, if you like playing the latest games with the settings tuned up to the highest visual quality and the smoothest performance, chances are you have some Alienware hardware in your machine.

Arctic GmbH

It doesn’t matter how fast your computer can process the data, or how smooth the audio and video is if your machine fries itself in the process of completing a task. High-end tasks require high-end cooling and no silly, dust-covered little fan is going to do the trick. This is the original purpose of Arctic, where they make the coolers to die for. Their coolers usually use air, liquid, or the combination of the two to keep your computer refreshed during the most demanding tasks. Apart from the cooling systems, they also manufacture headphones and computer cases.


One of the most powerful video card makers on the market, Nvidia also dabbles a bit in semi-conductors and video games. Its gaming hardware is famous in part due to its Shield line, designed to cater to gamers on the go. In addition to that, its GeForce series bring you the best video money can buy. However, there is much more to Nvidia than just gaming products. It also creates microprocessors and Nvidia Tesla is used in scientific studies.


AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. It mostly deals with semiconductors. That being said, it certainly gives Nvidia a run for its money, with its team dedicated to video cards – the Radeon Technology Group. In addition to being just below Nvidia on the video card market, AMD is famous for its motherboards and integrated CPUs. Not only that but they are great at giving your computer some proper RAM.