How 5G Could Drive Mobile Sports Betting

How 5G Could Drive Mobile Sports Betting

Technology advancing every year means that we get our hands on inventions which have not been there or were just a piece of imagination a couple of years ago. In 2020, we have foldable smartphones. No, not the kind where the entire screen is on a single piece of plastic connected to a hinge, but rather, an entire glass touchscreen device being folded in half. This was science fiction just a couple of years ago.

The internet was also science fiction in the 1970s and 80s. The 90s saw it come to life but it was in the late 2000s and 2010s when it really became what we know it to be today. Online sports betting became normal because of the internet. People look up bonus codes and promotional codes like these Jackpot City Bonus Codes, for example, to find better odds for themselves, as well as get bonus deposits. Technology evolving means that we will be able to access the internet faster. How fast? Well, 5G is here, at least, in select locations of the world. It will change what we are able to consume on our mobile devices, including sports betting. Here is how 5G can affect sports betting.

No More Waiting on Buffering

If you have a 5G capable device and are in an area where 5G is available, you won’t have any problems loading videos. You know how things slow down and you get a rotating circle when your live stream is buffering? Well, this is not going to happen with 5G. It is very fast, so fast that most people don’t need it. But, if you want a high quality stream which will not be interrupted, then 5G is the solution. For sports bettors, this means watching the game live and having access to the results, as well as the entertainment. Some people only care about the results, others care about entertainment as well.

Greater Stream Quality

Just as punters and consumers can enjoy existing streams and their quality more with 5G, so can streaming companies and even organizers have better streams. 5G allows for a higher throughput of data, meaning larger data packets. If a stream is better in quality, let’s say 60fps, even, then you will get a better experience. If not the frames per second, then a higher bit rate, meaning you won’t get pixelated video which happens on lower quality streams.

More Sports Betting Content

With better quality download and upload speeds, sports bettors will be able to enjoy content from various sports and not just the top ones like football and basketball. Higher speeds mean that sports which are not as famous will be able to stream more frequently because people will be able to watch the streams on their mobile devices.

Bookmakers will also be able to make use of this, by either co-streaming the events or simply hosting already existing streams. Partnerships exist and many large bookmakers are partnered with some sports events, whether in football, basketball, tennis or other sports. 

5G is already here but will be mainstream as soon as the infrastructure is there. People will be able to enjoy high quality streams almost anywhere. No more video buffering, no more waiting on pages to load. 5G will change the world, including sports betting.