Exciting New Technologies That Are Being Used in Sports

Sports rely on technology to help them become even more popular and being broadcast all over the world.

Sports use more and more technology and we are loving every bit of it. Some people complain about refereeing technologies being implemented, but that is to be expected. 

The following years should be exciting for the world of sports and technology. Here is what you should expect from sports in the following years, what types of technologies will be implemented.

VR Broadcasting Will Become Mainstream

VR is getting there, slowly but surely. With PCs being powerful enough to render video games in VR, broadcast media will be rendered with no problems. However, the organizations that govern the sports need to take things into their own hands and help VR be integrated. VR is not simply broadcasting 2D images to VR headsets, though it could be.

VR takes a little bit more from the broadcast and governing body-side of things, which is why action needs to be taken from the higher ups. Some, like the NBA, have done a great job so far, and the future will only be better.

More AI Technology in Refereeing

Refereeing is already a lot better in some sports, but it still needs to become better if we are to remove the human factor. Points don’t need to be won when they should be lost and vice versa. Tennis has a great implementation of this called Hawkeye. It does a great job, but not on all surfaces. Clay is problematic for Hawkeye and it still needs work in order for it to be error-free on all surfaces.

The same can be applied to other sports, and we should expect an increase in referee quality in the coming years.

Wearable Computers

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have made things very interesting for us. We have plenty of new gadgets to use, ranging from simple to completely ludicrous. Simple trackers can be used by amateurs and those who want results to a degree, while more professional gear costs a lot more and is able to provide almost pinpoint accurate data.

Smartwacthes will become even smarter as processors and graphics processors shrink in size and become more powerful.

Better Equipment

Safety in sports is one of the most important factors that is often overlooked. However, for the professional, safety is a top priority. Sustaining an injury can end one’s career just like that. Better gear, from footwear to protective gear, as well as better surfaces, can make an athlete’s life easier and safer, making their careers longer and our entertainment better.

Sports are often among the first ones to implement new technologies, welcoming them with open arms. These are some of the technologies that you can expect to see in sports in the coming years.