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New Conference Brings Sharp Focus on Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) for Data Center Transformation

SDI Summit To Take Place December 1-3, 2015 at Santa Clara CA Convention Center

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SANTA CLARA, CA – July 14, 2015 – The Software Defined Infrastructure Summit, a conference and exhibition focused on software-defined infrastructure in enterprises and cloud provider data centers, will take place December 1- 3, 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley.

The SDI Summit will highlight the ways in which SDI software technology is transforming data centers worldwide, bringing a new approach to efficiently managing workloads running on hundreds, or thousands, of servers and storage devices housed within a data center, or reaching across a network to connect with one or more clouds.

SDI and the Era of Cloud and Big Data

In the era of Cloud Computing and Big Data, efficient management in these large data centers is vital to providing real-time responsiveness to applications – and the end-users accessing them.

Enterprise data centers and cloud service provider (CSP) data centers are already using SDI to evolve their existing infrastructure – and to automate many management and security procedures. This software-led automation speeds up management processes, allowing applications and databases to scale up as workloads peak -- and as end-user demands grow.

In the SDI world, as the software is changing, the hardware is changing, too – with a wider use of converged and hyper-converged systems hardware for cloud-ready infrastructure. In these systems, compute, storage, and software are tightly integrated, to reduce delays associated with one-off

Summit Features Business and IT Tracks

"SDI – and the change it brings to the data center – will have a big impact on IT organizations and the businesses they support," said Jean S. Bozman, SDI Summit Program Chair, and Director of Infrastructure Research at Neuralytix, Inc. "The SDI Summit acknowledges this change by delivering two types of tracks: business tracks focused on management and business processes, and technical tracks focused on detailed technical information for IT professionals."

Business leaders from a variety of industries will speak to the changes they’re seeing from SDI-led projects – and the positive impact they're having on operational costs (OPEX).

IT professionals will be able to attend technical sessions about the ways in which SDI is introduced into the data center – often through multi-phased projects as the technology is adopted. They will learn how SDI deployments bring about changes in the software environment and in the hardware infrastructure of the data center. The exhibits and demos at SDI Summit will show how the IT industry is addressing SDI technology, with new products and services.

Key Topics at SDI Summit 2015

The SDI Summit 2015 program will focus on three distinct areas of server design: SDI-enabling software; software-defined storage (SDS); and SDI's impact on hardware computing platforms and hyper-converged systems.

Keynotes and plenary sessions will speak to the overall scope of SDI-led changes in technology, and to the business transformation that results from SDI deployments.

Key topics will include:

  • Business impact of SDI software deployments
  • Hybrid clouds, and links between clouds (public, private and hybrid clouds)
  • Transformation of server/storage infrastructure
  • OpenStack and application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Emerging industry standards for SDI
  • Impact on App Dev and DevOps
  • Software-defined storage (SDS)
  • Support of software-defined networks (SDN)
  • Management and control of virtualized data center environments
  • Automation and orchestration for SDI-enabled data centers
  • Provisioning and deployments using SDI software technology
  • Hyper-converged systems infrastructure

Innovative Three-Day Program Brings It All Together

On December 1, pre-conference sessions will provide overviews of SDI technology and deployment strategies for business attendees, and technical “how-to” sessions for IT professionals and software developers.

The two-day conference on December 2-3 is organized into tracks including business, technical, and SDI software methodology.

Industry analysts will provide insights into IT and business transformation. IT professionals from financial services, retail companies, and logistics/distribution companies will speak about their experiences in using SDI technologies and discussing the business value that SDI-enablement of the data center brings.

A Call for Presentations is now open. For general information on the SDI Summit, including Call for Presentation topics, Sponsorship, and Registration, visit the conference website at http://www.sdisummit.com.

For more details about the SDI Summit, please contact:

Jean S. Bozman, Program Chair jean@sdisummit.com

Lance Leventhal, Conference Chair lance.leventhal@sdisummit.com

Marty Foltyn, Operations Manager marty@SDIsummit.com
Phone: 858-720-9780

Kat Pate, Exhibit Sales Manager kat@sdisummit.com
Phone: 505-238-3208

About the Software Defined Infrastructure Summit

The Software-Defined Infrastructure Summit is the only event completely focused on this newly emerging and fast-growing market. The program will provide attendees with practical information on the current state of software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and SD technologies, including software-defined storage (SDS), software-defined data center (SDDC), system management software, and server/storage virtualization.

Media Contact

Melissa Kallos
SDI Summit